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After a relaxing weekend at the Serena, Kampala (I must stressed this as I am missing it teribbly while sitting in Holiday Inn typing this), I get the idea of what to expect when I eventually move to Nairobi. Basically, I better learn to adapt to relaxation a.ka. boredom or schedule as many business trip as much as possible. I guess one can't really have everything you want in life. It's basically a trade off I supposed. You get a luxury life here but lack of the first world facilities and most important of all, freedom.

I was strecthing my neck in the place trying to catch a glimpse of giraffe as we land in the Nairobi airport. No giraffe was the first disappointment upon my arrival, to top it off, I fail to see my name on the boards on display carried by the assigned driver as promised. It was kind of a weird sensation having all eyes on you as you walk across the crowd that was held back by the barricade looking for your name because you are the only one standing on the other side of the barricade and what more I am an Asian girl alone. I ended up taking a cab whose driver has a bad BO.

Helen was right, one won't feel threaten when you are in Kenya, either that I have get accustomed to it. However, there should be no room for negligence just be street smart.

As a statement of fact: Nairobi is the only city in Africa that has a national park within 5 mins from the city center and the airport is actually next to a game park ( I have no clue why it's called a game park) where you can see the wildlife.

The weather was inviting, I would say it's my kind of weather. It was cloudy and the air was chilly. I actually put on a light cotton jacket without having to prespire. Upon arrival to Holiday Inn, I though it was pretty nice however, I do miss Serena terribly, I think I mentioned that already. My next destination was the Ya-Ya tower to check out I supposed, my choiced of accommodation, could be temporary or permenant.

I had Samuel as my driver who drove a really run down Toyota. I really thank God that it didn't smell else, i wouldn't have called for his service for my return journey. He mentioned that he didn't mind waiting for me while I check out the apartment but I declined as I didn't want to hold him up for another customer. Then I realised that they don't really get much of a client as whenever I call him, he seems to be available and they really don't mind the waiting.

I was a little shock to see the "outlook" of the apartment. It was not as appealing as the interior (as shown in the internet), however I got confirmation from a resident there that it is really a nice place to stay. It's a fully furnished service apartment, which means there will be maid to clean your apartment every day except Sunday. The interior is 5 star :) Although I didn't get a tour inside but a confirmation from a resident is sufficient. I still have not decided as I still prefer a low rise with garden. So plus point about this area is that it has a small shopping center next to it where one can shop for their groceries and there is a Masai Market that is held there every sunday. The Masai market is where you can get a great variety of African Souvenirs. I guess you could tell where I spent the rest of my time in Ya-Ya center...

The next stop I headed of to was the Sarit Center. Nairobi's shopping mall, perhaps the only big one, it was rather depressing. On sunday, most shops close by 2 pm and the condition of the mall is quite old and to be frank, it was like Malaysia 20 years back. I seriously think Ipoh is alot more better than this place. The only comfort is that they have a really huge bookstore in Sarit.

I know I will be able to save a lot of money, just hope that I will not start splurging when I get a taste of the first world once in a while.

I was glad that some one of the colleague came and took us out for dinner and I had a taste of Ostrich. Apparently it's a big think in Africa as they are promoting this meat as it is healthier in comparison to other red meat. From the dinner, I learn alot of life in African, mainly in South Africa and Kenya, they seems to be happy to be where they are. I supposed, this is where you are born and grew up so this is the way of life to them. When asked about how they feel when foreigners are taking the leading roles in company, my colleague said that it was depressing and yet amused by the struggles they are putting up with in the "high" society of the organization. I noticed that perhaps it's the high spirit of the Kenyan that keeps them happy as so far all the kenyan I have met are really warm. This kenyan colleague of mine reminds me alot of "Donkey" from The Shrek :P

Whatever it is... I need to really get a place with I am comfortable with as I can foresee myself spending alot of time looked up in my apartment. I supposed I could get by.
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