Author: Yellow Duckie
Land Below the Wind

Day 0
Arrived around 9 pm and was driven straight to Chuan Hin for its famous pan fried dumpling, "ikan bakar", "sotong bakar", "daging bakar", beef tendon stew and many others pan-fried delicacies.Slightly before midnight, Sue ann arrived and soon our night ended with a wonderful sleep.

Day 1
With the sun way above our heads (the sun tend to rise pretty early in KK), we headed towards Sinsuran for my favourite pork noodle. It was then followed by a great shopping trip at Centerpoint. I was surprised that there's so many good bargains in KK!

Later in the afternoon we headed off to Tg Aru Beach to catch the sunset. We settled down at the Tg Aru Beach Resort and enjoyed the magnificient view of the scenery.

Sunset at Tg Aru
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