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Day 3

Kota Kinabalu ~ Kinabalu National Park Headquarters
After a good rest last night, we were all set to reach the foot of Mount KK by noon. The journey to Mount Kinabalu National Park takes about close to 2 hours. The scenery was pretty much the same, but we did make a pit stop at the wooden stalls along the way to check out the "Kundasang roasted peanuts" that Sue Ann's mum was talking about and devoured a fresh pineapple. It was RM 1 each and we pay another ringgit to have them peeled for us, it was sweet and fresh!

We reached the National Park headquarter and checked in to the lodge where we are supposed to spend a night. The lodge was simply marvellous! We have a great view of the mountain from the balcony, unfotunately it was covered by the thick midst. After a short break we set off towards Ranau town for lunch.

National Park headquarter ~ Ranau ~ Poring Hot Springs
We had some light lunch of "pau" from the famous "Pau Shop". Their signature dish was the "Tai Pau" with the size of the pau that's one and a half time bigger than my palm. We then travelled for another half an hour before reaching Poring Hot Springs for the canopy walk and a hot bath.
The milky hot water is a natural resources of the earth and is believed to be good for the skin. You can make use of the little tubs around the around the area but please take note that it takes like forever for the tub to be filled, we gave up when the water reaches only up to our waist (sitting down).

Milky river of the hot springs Canopy Walk

Our day ended with a delicious dinner at one of Ranau's local restaurant.

Day 4

We rise early to catch a glimpse of the Majestic Mount KK. To our disappointment, due to the heavy fog, we could only catch its shadow silhouetting behind the thick fog that hangs around the air.

Our Best view

Up in the mountain, especially a well known national park such as this, one would expect that having meals at the hotel restaurant would cost you a bomb but we were so wrong. We had breakfast at the Hotel right beneath the foot of Mt KK and the food was cheap considering the portion served was big! To add on, the ambience was superb... surrounded by thick green forest.

Breakfast at the foot of Mt KK

After breakfast we headed toward the Timpohon trail ( which leads you all the way up to the summit of the Mt KK if you track long enough and all geared up for it)... we managed to track as far as 800 m... I consider that a great success. Our walk back to the gate was slightly unpleasant as it started to drizzle rather heavily. Thank God we managed to track back to the car without any injuries.

We then moved toward Kundasang town, headed for the Desa Cattle farm, Mesilau Golf Course and finally to the Mesilau Resort (another track to the summit of Mount KK). If you are looking for some peace and quiet, Mesilau resort is the perfect place. Sitauted way above the hills, the Mesilau Resort is hidden away from the eyes of passerby along the main street of Kundasang. A Toyota Pajero finds it difficult to climb to the altitude at which the resort is situated.

Timpohon trail leading to the summit of Mt KK

L-R: Desa Cattle Farm, Mesilau Golf Course and Mesilau Resort Activity Center

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