Author: Yellow Duckie
I believe we were not the only ones trying to figure out if we should stick to the Zambia side or visit the falls from the Zimbabwean or just simply do both. My advise is, do both! After all you are already there! As for accommodation, there are more accommodation options available in Zambia in comparison to Zimbabwe.

So which is better? The view from the Zambian side or the Zimbabwean side? I have to admit that I did enjoy both as both has got quite different view to offer.

Personally, I enjoyed the Zimbabwean more as the pathway leading to the view of the fall is a very comfortable stroll (a.k.a flat land no hiking) and you get more of the view of the falls. If you mind being slightly wet, do remember to wear a poncho although many opt to use umbrella than looking like you have just stepped out of the thrash can by having the poncho on in pictures. The spray of the falls actually is quite intense depending on the wind.
Zimbabwe Vic Falls National Park

Zimbabwe Side - A real close view to the bottom of the falls without handrail so please take caution!

As for the Zambia side, you get less view of the fall and the crowd is more on this side hence making it a little unpleasant. However, the view is spectacular on it's own. On this side, the path will also lead to the river bank where you can take a dip by the Zambezi river as you see many of them do but at your own risk.

Pathway along the Zambian side is mostly guarded with handrail given the fact that it is much closer to the fall in comparison to the Zimbabwe side and a reasonable amount of "hiking" to be done on this side.

By the edge- Pathway along the Zambian Side

One bonus point of being on the Zambian side is that you could actually get to the bottom of the falls which is known as the Boiling Point. It is quite a hike and bare in mind, anything that goes down must come up. I must forewarn you that although it is said that you get to the bottom of the falls, you are actually at the bottom but you will not be able to see the falls. However, you have a good view of the bridge.
The Boiling Point
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