Author: Yellow Duckie
Just as there is a summer market , there is also something which is known as the winter market. According to the locals, this is a small scale winter market compared to the real thing. It was the last day of my visit to the North and I intend to grab some local souvenirs before leaving this place. However, it was not quite a perfect day as it was -31 degree celcius, not a condition to be outdoor. Not that I have a choice, so I have decided that despite the harsh weather, I have to get myself to the winter market.

Like many market I have been to in sweden, i find this one disappointing. Although you still can find some swedish goods at a cheaper price, it was more like a market with full of china made goods. Some of the fascinating stores includes the store which sells wool clothings and leather goods. Word of advise, if you plan to enjoy the artic, perhaps it is a good idea to make a pit stop at the winter market first to get your wool clothings as it is known as the best insulator in trapping your body heat. I must admit, things are generally cheaper here compared to Stockholm.

I was quite glad that made it to he winter market as it is actually right next to the famous church in Kiruna. Built entire on wood, it was quite a beauty standing in the midst of the snow. Indeed the architecture was impressive!

Although I left the market without any souvenirs, I am glad that I did not leave my fingers and toes behind. They were quite frozen by the time I got myself to the taxi office to wait for my airport transfer. After these few days in extreme temperature, I was actually looking forward to Stockholm where temperature don't go below -5 degree celcius this time of the year...I can it the normal winter.
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