Author: Yellow Duckie
I was thrilled that I finally get to catch some snow in Stockholm. This may seems to be a normal and annoying occurence for a normal swede but for me I just can't wait to find myself beneath the heaven that shed these white flakes that covers the ground of the earth. It didn't take me long to join the normal swede to despise these heavenly flakes.

First of all, it's freezing cold and the wind is blowing violently at you as you bring yourself to walk to your office building unsheltered. Then in the midst of bracing through the freezing temperature, you'll find these heavenly flakes flying from all over the place into your face. To make the matter worst, the weather was not cold enough to keep these flakes as they are when it reaches the ground. Instead it melted and created puddles of water all over the walk way.

Way to the Office

Vew from my office

Me with the lovely scarf given to me by members of EP Palm
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