Author: Yellow Duckie
Being my first time to Sweden, I choose this place because i read that this place will be able to show me some of the remnants of the Great Viking and a perfect little town for a day trip (situated only about 40 KM from Stockholm). The journey as I recall was not really straightforward, meaning, there is no direct train to this place. You will have to take a train to Marsta and jump into bus 570,575 or 584 (which runs pretty frequent).

Sigtuna is really beautiful. This town has alot of quaint tiny streets and buildings. Unlike in Stockholm where the buildings are line neatly in rows next to each other, in Sigtuna, you will be able to see the different design buildings and houses. It'll keep your eyes busy as you stroll down the street. The buildings here seems tiny and so doll- like that I was beginning to wonder if they actually made this whole town up just for tourist!

This place is small enough to venture on foot. Drop by the tourist visitor center in the main street, Stora Gatan ( probably Sweden's oldest main street) for a walking guide map. The trail will lead you to the various museums, the viking runes, churches and alot of attractive houses

What I enjoyed most of this town is looking down at the town from "Thing Hill", yes, that's the actual name if you are wondering whether I just made that up. You'll a perfect view of Lake Malaren and the town itself. This used to be a lookup point in the olden days for approaching vessels to determine if it's a friend or foe.

And of course, a visit to Sigtuna will not be complete without a good lunch in the oldest standing building in Sigtuna. It's really a small cosy hut with low ceilings, giving me the assumption that the people who used to live here are really tiny. It also has an outdoor area where you can enjoy your meal.
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