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Situated 71 KM away from Stockholm, this University town is quite worth a visit. Catching the Autumn colour here may be a good idea as I was totally struck in awe by the sight of it. Please take note that the Weekly Pass or Monthly pass you have is not applicable for train rides from Stockholm to Uppsala. To get to Uppsala from Stockholm, you will need to purchase a seperate ticket (abt 130 Sek) departing from T-Centralen. Get assistance from the Ticketing officer as the guide book often give you a more complicated route.

Uppsala is quite a small town and most of the major attractions are reachable by foot. However, if you intend to visit Gamla Uppsala, which you should, you will need to take a bus ride from the city center (At Kungsgatan Street, take bus No 2 Northwest Direction). The bus ticket cost 30Sek ( Approximately RM 15) with the duration of 90 mins. I was totally thrown off guard when the driver told me how much I had to pay. For me, bus ride should be ranging from RM 1 - 3. Having the travel card ( weekly pass) all the time whenever I am in Sweden, i didn't reallise how costly bus tickets are, until now. With that in mind, I have decided to return to the City from Gamla Uppsala within the transit duration to avoid having to pay another 30 Sek.

Uppsala Dormkrykan
Although I must admit that there is not much difference between Stockholm and Uppsala, somehow this small town offers you the serenity city folks crave for. Don't get me wrong, this small town is far being dead quiet. In the city center itself, it's flooded with the locals running about doing their daily errands and tourists roaming around searching for the place of interest marked in their map.

I didn't really get to spend a lot of time in Uppsala but I did quite a fair bit of walking to absorb all the beauty this town has to offer. Being a little bit tight on my budget and time, I have decided to just enjoy this town as it is without getting into any of the museum, although I did have a long list of museums which I intend to visit.

With my tummy rumbling violently to be fed, I have decided to stop by the market for lunch. Although smaller in size, the market is pretty much similar to the Saluhall, my favourite market for lunch in Stockholm. For 75 Sek, I got a really nice lunch that serves with free flow of salad, bread an hot beverages like tea and coffee. The only thing about getting your salad and bread is that it would be better if you are more than 5 feet 5 inches. Reason being, you would be able to see what you are scoping as the bread basket and salad bowl is place at my chest level and the rim of the bowl/basket is at my chin level. What a discrimation to the "not-so-tall" people!

In my short visit to Uppsala, I was glad that I did make it to Gamla Uppsala which is about 4 KM north of the city center. The first place i visited was the Grave Mounds. Although there is nothing there except for the vast green field with tiny hills, I was totally mesmerized by it. It was said that the grave mounds is the grave of the great legendary pre Viking Kings but somehow I fail to see any tomb stone to proof that.

It was awfully quiet when I was there but the presence of some joggers and a small amount of tourists did assure me that it's alright to venture this place by myself. I was a little disappointed when the open air museum, Disagarden ( live-sized farm house or building structures) was closed. The walk from Disagarden to the Gamla Uppsala Krykan was really scenic.

Overall, in my short visit to Uppsala, what I find most interesting is the Gamla Uppsala Museum area. Perhaps, a nice serene stroll on the trail of colourful fallen leaves was all I need...
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