Author: Yellow Duckie
Think Siem Reap, think Angkor Wat. This is the sole purpose why I am here at Siem Reap. Having visited Hanoi earlier this year, I can't help but to think that there will be no difference in Siem Reap compared to Hanoi and that it's just another Asian country. I was wrong. Unlike Hanoi, the rice fields in Siem Reap spreads far beyond the horizon without the disturbance of the protruding limestomes.
Upon arrival to Siem Reap, you will notice that the sky is extremely large. There's an unobstructive view of the sky no matter where you stand. I discover an interesting fact that contributes to this is that, the government actually does not approve any building plans that stands higher the the Majestic Angkor Wat.
I find this city, generally alot cleaner that most of the Asian country I've been to and spacious. However, once you arrive at the city center, you'd thought that you have just arrived at Bangsar Telawi Street. This place seems to be built upon foreign cafe and restaurant pub. Although I find it appalling as this seems to overshadow the true charm and beauty of this city, I am guilty as charged for seeking comfort from the midday heat in one of these air-conditioned and wi-fied cafe, Blue Pumpkim. The comfort is that you'll get to enjoy the Khmer cuisine at a 4-star environment and knock yourselves up with alcohol for 25 cents per mug and cocktails that never goes above USD 2 per glass.

The highlights:
Inevitably it would be the majestic ruins of the temple that stood through time. Unless you are doing a thesis on these temples, select only a few notable temple for your viewing pleasure. Else you will get an overdose of temples. Believe me, after a while they all look the same. Personally, these were my favourites (in terms of Architecture) and have obvious distinct differences amongst each other:
1. Angkor Wat
2. Banteay Srey
3. Ta Prohm
4. Terrace of the Elephants
5. Neak Pean
This website gives you a good guidance in making your choice of temple to visit:

Things to do apart from Temple Hopping:
1. Chill out at Blue Pumpkim : Not that I am getting a commission for promoting Blue Pumpkin but this place saves me from the sorching heat of Siem Reap. The seat up on the top floor has long couches that provides tired visitors an extremely relaxing environment.

2. Visit Phsar Chas (Old Market). Apart from the multitude of colourful scarves, you will find alot of interesting goods being sold at the market. One of the most interesting item that caught my attention is the opium container. These containers are beautifully crafted with delicate skills. Truly a piece of art worth admiring.

3. Dine at Happy Herb Pizza : Dig in for a surprise. Not too sure if the chef will let you know what herbs is used so just enjoy the pizza. It does taste good :)

4. Visit one of the killing fields . Although this can be a mood killer but it's worth the trip to learn the sad history of this place that stirred the whole world.

My time is Siem Reap is short thus I did not managed to visit Asia's largest fresh water lake, Tonle Sap. I believe this would be one of the best escape from the temples.
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