Author: Yellow Duckie
On our first day in Livingstone, we decided to go over to the Zimbabwean side of the Victoria Falls. Under the scorching heat of the midday sun, we were crazy enough to consider walking across from Zambia to Zimbabwe.

We took a cab from our guest house which is around 7K from the falls to the Zambian border post and it cost us about 50K Zambian Kwacha which is equivalent to around 10 USD.
Zambian Border Post - Exiting Zambia heading towards Zimbabwe

From the Zambia's border post, we took a stroll along what was known as the "No man's land" as we literally left Zambia and it is still quite a distant to the Zimbabwean Border Post. I must admit that although the heat was unbearable, the walk was rewarding. Actually you don't have much of a choice as I don't see any cab around the border post that would take you across to Zimbabwe.

A gentle reminder, if you are returning to Zambia for the night, do ensure you have a double entry visa for your re-entry, that is if you are required to have a visa for entering into Zambia.
View of the Zambian Side of the fall by the bridge

The journey begins... on your left, there is a dock where many daredevils took the plunge from the bridge into the ravine hanging by the rope wrapped around their feet...bungee jump.

As we approach the Zimbabwe side, you can find vendor selling soda and water. Taking picture is is to be done with caution, as of in many African countries. I took a shot of a duka (small shop) with the huge tree next to it and out of a sudden i hear a loud voice calling out to me asking me what I am doing and that I should obviously pay. They were rough... and having been in Africa long enough, i was not threaten by his rowdiness and simply shake it off by saying "Is this how you treat your visitor?" . He mellowed down and eventually walk off, to my relieve that worked.

Upon arriving at the Zimbabwean side, we had to go through the border post (which looks like a run down version of Zambia's) before arriving at the Victoria Falls Park Entrance.

A note to those we need to acquire a visa into Zimbabwe, they charge 100 USD per entry at the border post, hence if you can, try to get the Zimbabwean Embassy in your country instead of at the border post.

If you are too tired to walk back to the Zambia's side, there are alot of cabs available after you exit the Zimbabwean Border Post. Most of them are willing to take you back to the Zambian Border Post at 5 USD (2,500 Kwacha).
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