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As a resident of the East Africa Community, I suppose one could not miss the famous island that draws millions of beach lover to its shore each year. Afraid that it was over rated, I did not put too much hope about what I am going to experience. After all, I came from Asia, the tropical island where they boast of clear blue water and colourful coral beds.

Upon arrival at Zanzibar town, I was greeted by a familiar warmth and humidity. Without having to waste much time (since I am here only for a night), I headed straight to Nungwi, apparently the best coast in Zanzibar. It's about 70 mins drive from the Airport.

As we draw close to the coast, the weird thing is that you will not see it because you will have to go through a dense "forest" of settlement (village). One would not think that there is a nice emerald water sea beyond the villages. Finally, we arrived at our hotel and I am not too sure if this is the paradise I imagined.

Respecting the local culture...

The coast line is packed "shoulder to shoulder", one resort after another as far as your eyes could see. However, I was mesmerized by the turqoise water and white sandy beach (which is only less than 500m from the shore). The rich turqoise colour of the sea is "ever green" even at night when under the presence of light, you can see the turqoise colour. I find it quite amazing. I guess they don't call this East Africa best beach for no reason.

Since I only had a day, snorkelling was the only activities I had in mind and it was a major disappointment. It was near Kent Mar and it has absolutely nothing but dead coral bed and some colourful fishes to lighten the gloomy atmosphere. Spent rest of the day relaxing, strolling along the beach front looking at some paintings and curio for sale and deciding which restaurant for dinner.

Local Fisherman coming on shore with the catch of the day

Your choices...

Dinner.... I would strongly suggest that you DO NOT eat at the BLUE SEA...bad food....

The next day, I headed of to Zanzibar stone town to stroll down history lane. Go through the tiny lanes as it reveals its mysterious self to you. You will find the famous Lamu wooden craved doors, tiny curio shops and the historical landmark.

Local girl sitting by the doorstep

Enjoying Octopus stew by the road side...
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On October 24, 2011 at 11:50:00 PM GMT+3 , Rachel said...

Hi Yellow Duckie,
Great blog! I left Kenya three years ago, and have just enjoyed stepping back in time! Thank you!